Mum Alpha Friendship Bracelet and Pattern!

Happy Mothers Day to everyone who is celebrating it today! I live in the UK, so we’ve already had our Mothers Day. However, I wanted to celebrate it with my non-UK friends!
I made this bracelet last year, it was one of the first alpha bracelets I’d ever made, and the first one I ever designed. The handprints are based on my daughters when she was a baby. She’s now 12, and her hands are the same size as mine!


They grow up so fast!

I made the pattern saying “Mummy” but as I was making it I thought it was a little long (110 rows) so I shortened it and just included “Mum” as I have tiny wrists.

If you would like to make this bracelet I have the pattern for you! My Mothers Day gift to you!
You can download it, make it, sell it (the pattern is mine, and my design and I give you permission to sell it), share this post, just please do not upload this pattern anywhere else, thank you.
Feel free to tag me in the picture on Instagram @Rhios_Bracelets if you make it, I’ll come and give your account some love. ❤


Have fun! And Happy Mothers Day!
Love Rhio xx

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