Another Pusheen Alpha Friendship Bracelet & Pattern!

I made a Pusheen alpha bookmark for my daughter, and then she loved it so much she asked me if I could make her a bracelet to go with it, so of course I did.
To make it, I just altered the bookmark pattern I’ve already posted and added some hearts.
The great thing about Puppets thread is, they have the PERFECT colour for making Pusheen. It’s a grey colour which has brown notes.


And here’s my daughter wearing it, she hasn’t taken it off since I made it for her 😀


My perfect little hand model!

And here is the pattern so you can make it too. I would be cautious of selling it though, as Pusheen makers have a pretty tight copyright (and that’s fair enough), but I made this for personal use not to sell so there isn’t an issue, so you would have to do the same unless you were able to acquire a license from them.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 19.49.47

Hope you have fun making it! If you do make it, feel free to tag me in your post on Instagram, @rhios_bracelets, and I’ll come over to your account and give you some love and likes.
Just please do not post this pattern anywhere else, thank you lovelies 😀

Love Rhio.

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