Pusheenicorn Alpha Pattern, and Bracelet


Magical Pusheenicorn! I absolutely adore Pusheen, and Pushicorn is by far my favourite, so I just had to make an alpha pattern so I could put her on a bracelet.

I used Puppets thread for all of the bracelet.

Here is the pattern for you to make it too, you are free to make it yourself! However, it’s not for resale as you’d need a license from the makers of Pusheen. I made this for myself, until my daughter hugged it because it’s “So adorable” and decided it was for her hehe.

Here is the pattern, but please do not post this anywhere else thanks lovelies,
The pattern is quite wide 37 strings by 52 strings.


I used 2 Pusheen grey 8m skeins, 3 x 8m pink skeins for the background colour, and about 1/4 of a skein for all the other colours.

It’s a really fun pattern to make because of the coloured hair. That was by far my favourite part of making this bracelet. The pattern is slightly different on my bracelet as, I shortened the pattern by 2 strings so it was 35 strings, but the pattern above is the one I made, and prefer. As I have tiny wrists (and so does my daughter) I didn’t think we could pull off a 37 string bracelet. The pattern above looks slightly better.

Have fun making this bracelet, and if you do make it, feel free to tag me on Instagram, @Rhios_Bracelets  I’d really love to see it, and I’ll come over to your account and give you some Insta-love.


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