Fox Alpha Friendship Bracelet and Pattern


Cute fox alpha friendship bracelet I designed and made. I absolutely adore foxes.

I designed this fox on Procreate for iPad. Here’s the very quick drawing I did.


I then converted it into pixel art to make a pattern which I am going to share with you now so you can make it too.

You are free to make, and sell this bracelet as it’s my own design and I give you permission to do so. Just please do not post the pattern anywhere else, thank you.
Don’t forget, if you make it, feel free to tag me in your Instagram post (you don’t have to though), you’ll find me at @rhios_bracelets as I’d love to see it and give you a like.

The pattern is 33 strings by 55. I used 16 rows of plain rows either side of the pattern to create a medium sized bracelet.


Hope you have lots of fun making this bracelet! 🙂


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