Pizza Pusheen Alpha Friendship Bracelet and Pattern


Pizza Pusheen yay!
Can you tell that I really love Pusheen yet? Hehe.
It’s my daughters fault, she loves Pusheen and has loads of stuff and now I want Pusheen stuff too, so I made myself this bracelet which is perfect for me as I also love Pizza!

I used Anchor thread (1207) for the background, DMC thread (844, and 648) for the Pusheen and Puppets thread for the pizza. I use Patons 4ply 100% cotton for the back strings which is great as it doesn’t get fluffy or tangled.
I included the colour numbers as the DMC thread is the perfect colour of Pusheen if you want to use it yourself.

And here’s what you came here for the pattern!

The pattern dimensions are 31 strings by 49. There are 16 rows each side of the pattern to make a small bracelet, you might want to add more for a larger one.

You can make this bracelet for yourself, but you will be unable to sell it unless you get a license from the makers of Pusheen as it’s under copyright and please do not post the pattern anywhere else. Feel free to instead share this post 😀
If you make this, feel free to tag me in it, @Rhios_Bracelets on Instagram, and I’ll come over to your account and give you some Instalove and likes (you don’t have to though).

And that spot (that looks like his butt) isn’t supposed to be there, haha. Whoops.

Pusheen alpha pattern

Have fun!

Love Rhio.

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