Minecraft Pig Alpha Pattern and Friendship Bracelet


Minecraft Pig/Reuben Alpha Friendship Bracelet!
My daughter has a toy minecraft pig who she calls Reuben after the pig in Minecraft Story mode, so this bracelet is of him. He has a slightly rounded head.

She loves this bracelet, and wears it all the time.

It’s a fairly simple pattern to make. The dimensions are 32 strings by 37.

You are free to make this bracelet and even sell it, but please do not post my pattern elsewhere thank you! You can share this post though if you’d like to share it.

Feel free to tag me on Instagram if you make it, it will then appear on my photos page, and I’ll come and give you some love (you don’t HAVE to do this though 🙂 )


Have fun

Rhio xx

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