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Important ⚠ Snapcash is no longer available. What happens to the money I sent on Snapcash? Any Snapcash sent before August 30, will be deposited. Snapcash, like Facebook Messenger, makes it ridiculously easy to send money to your fellow Snapchatters. If you want to get flashy about sending cash, you can try Snapcash's swipe-to-send feature, which essentially lets you flick virtual dollar bills at someone. Also worth noting. Snapchat has dropped a feature that let users receive cash through Snapchat kills off 'Snapcash' feature that allowed users to be sent money.

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For about four years, users were able to send and receive money via Plus, there is a peer-to-peer mobile payment app that Snapchat. On Monday, seemingly out of nowhere, Snapchat launched Snapcash. The new feature that makes it too easy for its users to send money to. Snapchat is a sharing app available for Android and iOS operating the symbol $, followed by the amount of money you would like to send.

If you don't remember Snapcash, don't worry — on August 30th, Snap will discontinue its peer-to-peer money transfer service that launched at. Snapcash was a peer-to-peer money transfer service offered through the messaging app Snapchat, who has partnered with the company Square to process. Snapchat has added peer-to-peer payment with the launch of Snapcash. Here is It makes use of a debit card to send and receive money.

While Venmo, Google Wallet, and more try to take a business approach to peer- to-peer payments, Snapchat today swooped in from the. Snapchat's parent company plans to shut down its peer-to-peer payment they can start sending and receiving money by swiping into chat. Once Snapchat users have linked their debit card, they can send Cash to anyone in The money will be sent to your friend from the debit card you provided at.

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Instantly send money between friends or accept card payments for your business. Cash out to your bank instantly. You should know that Snapchat is partnering with the payments startup Square to make these digital money transfers possible. As a result. Snapchat announced today that it's partnering with Square to bring Snapcash to its ephemeral messaging platform, giving the ability to wirelessly transfer money . If you ever need to send/transfer money to friends or family online, Snapchat has you covered with its Snapcash feature. If you regularly use online payment. The feature was meant to serve as a way for Snapchat friends to pay each other 30, Snapchatters will no longer be able to send money to. Snapcash, which was possible thanks to a partnership with Square, let you easily send money to friends. However, four years on and Snap has. Snap to Cease Its Payment Service Snapcash in August its users to easily send money to friends, a feature popular among competing apps. Snapchat rolled out a new feature Monday in partnership with Square that lets you send money to your friends on the servic. Snapchat has partnered with Square to make sending secure cash payments to your Tap where it tells you to in order to receive your money. Snapchat has partnered up with Square for a new feature, Snapcash, which allows its users to send and receive money on the app. It's as easy.