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While Metaxa is delicious on its own, you can also use it to make a tasty cocktail or sangria. Regardless of how you serve it, Metaxa is a drink. METAXA, the smoothest amber spirit under the Sun. Made with aged distillates and aromatic Muscat wines from the Aegean islands. Metaxa was invented by Spyros Metaxas in , from the Attica region .. You then put the orange in your mouth (do not eat the peel) and.

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As the Beast blows in from the East, this Metaxa 12 Stars from Waitrose gives me a warm glow It's late February in London. And as I write these. These wines are not quite like other vintages. After that the only other spirit that is well known is Metaxa. Some people say Metaxa is a brandy. Metaxa (Greek: Μεταξά) is a brand of Greek amber spirit created by Spyros Metaxa in Its taste comes from Muscat wines from the island of Samos, aged.

These Metaxa cocktails add a whole new dimension to this Greek brandy, water in a pan, drip in some honey, stir and serve when it's warm. Metaxa (Greek: Μεταξά) is a Greek amber spirit created by Spyros Metaxa in Its taste comes from the marriage of Muscat wines from the island of Samos. How to Serve Metaxa. Metaxa is very versatile, so you can enjoy it in a variety of ways. The Star collection styles can be served on the rocks but are also.

Strain and serve over ice and garnish with grapes and mint leaves. 1/2 ounce fresh lime juice; 1 1/2 ounces Metaxa brandy; 1/2 ounce fresh. In Greece and other countries, it has developed a branded kit for serving the Metaxa in a small globe-shaped glass alongside a glass filled of. Information and drink recipes using the ingredient Metaxa - Drink Secrets. You can make a pitcher of it and serve it right from there instead of trying to make up.

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Metaxa 7 Star Brandy Enjoy Metaxa 7 *'s heavenly mellow taste served neat or on the rocks, with tonic or METAXA 7 Stars is best enjoyed neat or with ice.. Shake well with ice and pour over ice cubes (on the rocks) in an old-fashioned glass. 38% (76 proof). Serve in: Old-Fashioned Glass. Naughtios Anemos recipe. Metaxa has always been one of those drinks that I've seen behind the bar but never given a second thought. That changed, however, while. Cocktails with metaxa brandy. Best cocktails metaxa brandy. Recette. Drinks. Cryonic Shock. No review · Recette. Drinks. Greek Manhatten. No review · Recette. For an after dinner drink, go with Metaxa ('7-star' if you're a snob, '5-star' for the An anise flavored aperitif served with ice and water, usually. Serving Recommendation, Enjoy METAXA 5 Stars neat, on ice or with the light mixer of your choice. Manufacturer contact, S. & E. A Metaxa A.B.E 6, A. Metaxa. The cable car is part of a branded experience called Metaxa Rise, The installation is also meant to serve as a beacon of light during the. Metaxa, The Greek Spirit - Cocktail drinks recipes, Greek cocktails and Places serving Metaxa. Following on from our visit to Metaxa, the Clementine team have sourced some pristine recipes involving Both recipes are for a single serving. Serving Recommendation, Enjoy METAXA 12 Stars neat or on a single rock. Country of origin, gr. Alcohol Content, 40 % Vol. Brand, Metaxa. Speciality, Suitable.