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From Yorkshire, England, Parkin is an age-old cake featuring oats and black treacle (molasses) to create a delightfully sticky, chewy cake with a deeply robust flavor that only improves with time! Her defense: Why, to make Yorkshire parkin, of course. Parkin uses black treacle and. This easy to make traditional Yorkshire parkin recipe is the stuff of winter nights and bonfires but can be enjoyed year-round. A traditional cake from Yorkshire, best eaten at Bonfire night. It has a moist texture and spicy flavour, lip smacking good! Sticky treacle, ginger & lime cake.

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Parkin or perkin is a gingerbread cake traditionally made with oatmeal and black treacle, which originated in northern England. Often associated with Yorkshire. Who makes the best parkin: Yorkshire, Lancashire or somewhere else entirely ? Do you like it fluffy or crunchy, bittersweet or syrupy, and. There are many variations on the making and baking of parkin – the Yorkshire Cookery Book, published in , for example, showed.

This sticky old fashioned Yorkshire Parkin recipe keeps really well and improves with time. Can be made a couple of days before it's needed. A traditional treat around the bonfire on November 5th but delicious any time of the year. Try this recipe fresh from the experts at Bettys Cookery. A classic Yorkshire ginger cake - a perfect accompaniment with a cup of tea. Make this a few days in advance to mature.

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This Yorkshire Parkin recipe is perfect for Bonfire night or any cold autumn evening. It's a sticky oat ginger cake that's simple to make. God, I love Yorkshire parkin. If you are not familiar with it, it's a strongly-spiced sticky gingerbread-cum-cake flavoured with treacle and dark. This classic dark brown ginger cake is made from oats. In the past, it was often served with a seasonal fruit compote. The proper stuff, like this, should be extra. Parkin is essentially the Northern English form of gingerbread. Different parkins are characterized by where they are made and Yorkshire. Our Seriously Good Yorkshire Parkin is baked to our year old family recipe and has won a number of awards. Get our Yorkshire Parkin delivered directly. A classic cake from Yorkshire, flavoured with molasses, oatmeal & ginger. Find this Yorkshire parkin recipe & many more baking recipes at Tesco Real Food. Get set for Bonfire Night with a traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake recipe. There are many ways to make ginger parkin; this is my recipe for this deliciously, sticky and dark gingerbread with oats. This recipe is an egg free parkin, and I. My grandparents claimed Yorkshire emphatically, while my Lancashire friends are just as emphatic. A picture of Delia's Traditional Oatmeal Parkin recipe. - Get set for Bonfire Night with a traditional Yorkshire Parkin cake recipe.