How to do a braid out on transitioning hair

This video is for those who are thinking about making the transition from relaxed or permed hair to natural hair. The process isn't easy but it can be done. Before you start, make sure your hair is freshly washed and deep conditioned. Don't forget I found that doing a braid out on dry hair is much easier then on wet hair. So how do Click here for more great transitioning tips!. 27 Protective Styles To Try If You're Transitioning To Natural Hair My first twist- out was such a fail, I ended up covering my hack job with a hat. With braid-outs, you can go the cornrow route, as seen here, or do free-form.

I don't see a twist out working on relaxed hair so I decided to do some braids. Quick easy and funky. I hate braid outs. I much prefer the softness and curly-ness . A tutorial on how to do a braid-out on dry hair instead of the classic way of doing it The wet hair method can be very damaging for relaxed hair. Products designed to make your natural hair more manageable are best To find out how to best manage transitioning hair (without wanting to pull . Protective styles, like weaves, braids, and wigs, to are great tools to help.

Last week I posted pictures of my bad ass braid-out! . I do a braid out for my fine hair all the time, any new tips to make them better is great. Like so many other black girls, hair has always been a highly emotional and personal subject for me. My early teenage years were. Hey everyone! As a way to stay away from heat this summer I've been trying to do braid outs on my hair when I don't feel like just air drying it.

What better time to play around with different styles as you take the time to . Braid-out hairstyles are extremely popular within the natural hair community for. I am almost 12 weeks post and will be wearing a braidout for the weekend. I do my braids on % air-dried hair (creamy leave in applied. Below I demonstrate how to do a braid and curl on transitioning hair. This style is really a braid out with perm rods to give the ends some curl. In my transitioning days I was the Bantu Knot queen, but since I big chopped, Since I am doing a braid out, I want to make sure my hair is as. I think I'm going to do a braid-out on my relaxed hair tonight. the misconception about twist-outs, braid-outs, etc is that you can only do them on natural hair. Find out how to achieve your best braid out with these easy steps. The perfect braid out creates a defined texture that can easily blend your relaxed hair Do not cover your hair in shampoo from roots to tips that will only dry. For cons, do not use a comb to undo the braids, otherwise you will lose How To Get the PERFECT BRAIDOUT Natural & Transitioning Hair. There are a few reasons I love doing a braidout on natural hair and here's why. It's also a good style for anyone transitioning to natural hair. Charlene loves teaching other aspiring bloggers on how to take their passion. Braid-out is one of the most popular protective hairstyles because it is stylish and their natural hair texture with the relaxed ends giving a uniform look. To conclude, I love braid-outs because they are stylish and easy to do. Mastering the Braidout: Natural, Relaxed, Texlaxed, Transitioning. BRAIDOUTS: . I opted not to do braid outs because I always hated the frizz.