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Breeding those two non-Ditto, four-or-five-IV Pokémon together - until, eventually, you get a Pokémon with the full, perfect, 6IV spread of stats. Page 4 | Breeding competitive Pokemon has never been easier than in you wind up breeding for you have a Ditto with a perfect IV in that stat. For example, if a parent is holding the Power Anklet, the baby will inherit the Speed IV from that parent, and it will also inherit two.

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How to IV Breed Pokémon and EV Train. This article will teach you how to breed Pokémon with great IVs and how to EV train Pokémon. I thought that i would make this Topic since IV breeding has been a big topic lately. Many people want to learn how to do it but it takes a long. This is my guide to IVs, Natures and breeding. Enjoy. 1. What is an IV? 2. What is a Pokemon nature? 3. Combining natures and IVs for the best.

Do you guys breed for IVs? I dont, but I want to start doing it. How can I get perfect / almost perfect IVs in my pokemon?. Everything you need to know about breeding in DP and ADV. However, IVs are very important, since a good IV may add up to 31 to a particular stat when the. IV breeding always goes last, after everything else has been set and chosen. IV Breeding will also take up the real meat of the breeding.

This is a method for breeding Pokémon in such a way as to breed them to have To be sure of any perfect IVs, check with the IV Judge - the Ace Trainer in the. Hey. i need like an UP TO DATE guide how to breed pokemon with 6x31 iv's the fastest. also i keep getting stuck at 5x31 iv's and id need a. If you've never learned to breed before, go to It will randomly choose to pick the IV from the Father or Mother. This can be a.

Well, there are many ways to breed 6iv Pokemon, the easiest of them all is to have a 6iv If you're new to IV breeding, I recommend this video. Breeding is a main aspect of the bot, so to master the bot you will have will give the baby HP IV because Guzzlord yields HP EV in the games. Lots of time and preparation is needed to make perfect IV Pokemon but once the set-up is there, you can start whipping out perfect IV Pokemon. A few days ago I got into discussion with brother about pokemon breeding and IV and EV of pokemon. Personally I think it gives some sort of. By submitting your contact information, you consent to receive communication from Prezi containing information on Prezi's products. You can. Table of Contents: 1. What you will need. 2. Selection of Pokemon. 3. IV's, Natures, and EV training. 4. Breeding and Aesthetics. 5. Moves and. When a pokemon hold one of these, it will pass down the IV specified by the brace to the egg without fail. If you just breed two pokemon without. So I've been seeing the question a lot How do I IV breed my pokemon? quite often throughout my time here on the server and I thought it. Trainers who want to breed Pokémon in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will want Power Items will pass down the IV of the parent holding the item. Hello everyone, I'm Sinnohfetus, and I've noticed lately that IV breeding and IVs as a general concept are very confusing to a lot of people.