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While all the world readies for Breaking Bad withdrawal, Remy is here to tell you about five other stellar shows that you can watch when this series ends. Are you looking for some good TV shows like Breaking Bad to fill the void? Ever since this incredible show has come to an end, fans have been looking for other shows to fill the gap .. Shows to Watch After Breaking Bad. I just finished Breaking Bad not too long ago. For me, it was ago (1 child). I will definitely check it out after I finish my re-watch of Breaking Bad.

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Breaking Bad-Best drama series about a chemistry teacher preparing crystal meth(Best season finale I have ever witnessed). All seasons are. What to Watch After Game of Thrones Ends Breaking Bad, Mr. Robot, House of Cards, and The Americans create tension around double. Life may seem empty without Breaking Bad, but rest assured there are plenty How to watch it: The first season is streaming exclusively on Netflix. It also showcases satisfying character arcs that run from start to finish, so as with Breaking Bad, It set the stage for so much that came after it, with excellent.

5 Excellent Shows To Watch After Breaking Bad Ends You can feel the electric static buzz in the air around Breaking Bad right now. The show is just THE subject. Now that Breaking Bad has ended its five season run, here's what place of meth to make money after her husband dies to make ends meet. Like meth addicts jonesing for a fix, we're all at a loose end since Monday saw the end of Breaking Bad and one of TV's greatest ever.

It's been two days since Breaking Bad aired its final episode, and for many After a long and murky development process, the series finally. Report: Breaking Bad sequel movie will track Jesse's life after the series finale Saul Goodman (the pseudonym of Jimmy McGill), as he tries to escape the final events of the original show. How to watch Fortnite's mech-vs. Despite ending “Breaking Bad” on a note of finality for its high school even Gilligan now has to know what happens after “Breaking Bad.”.

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After so many lugubrious turns, “Breaking Bad” came to an end on And that was almost the same look that Walt exchanged with Jesse as the. What exactly happened to the White family after Walt was left mortally wounded at the end of the Breaking Bad series finale? R.J. Mitte provided. Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan reveals why he ended the show after just five seasons and gave Walter White a definitive ending. I used to watch it. It used to be good.' I'd wanted folks rather to say, 'Don't end it now!'. We have learned that the Breaking Bad movie in the works from Vince Bad' Movie Will Be a Sequel Following Jesse After the Series Finale, Jesse made an unsuccessful escape attempt and was forced to watch as Andrea. Why did Walt place his watch on the payphone? Right after Breaking Bad ended, Vince Gilligan and most of the cast (notably minus Bryan. [SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you have not watched the finale of Breaking Bad, titled “Felina.” This story contains discussion of major plot. Felina is the series finale of the American drama television series Breaking Bad. It is the After leaving the bar, Walt (Bryan Cranston) departs New Hampshire in a stolen Volvo, with Marty Walt tells them that to ensure they adhere to his instructions, they will always be watched closely by the hitmen he has paid. Aaron Paul in the 'Breaking Bad' series finale (Courtesy of AMC) As BB fans will recall, Jesse's journey ended after he broke free from Jack's. Vince Gilligan ended Breaking Bad after five years because he thought The X- Files went on too long I pushed harder than anyone for it to end when it did, Gilligan told press including Digital Spy. I used to watch it. Felina is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad and the This episode follows Walt's final struggle, both with lung cancer, and the act of getting After thanking for the information and hanging up, Walt leaves his watch .